Health Education

The Health Education Department at Coastal Communities Physician Network is committed to providing comprehensive health education services to improve the quality of life of our patients. The Health Education Department offers several classes and services free of charge to CCPN HMO members.

Please call us at 805-540-6207 for more information.

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Health Education is pleased to provide several virtual classes to members. Our free online classes can be accessed using your personal computer or mobile device. Please call (805) 540-6207 to RSVP and to receive access to our online classes via SecureVideo.


Diabetic Testing Supplies
We provide diabetic testing supplies for select senior HMO and commercial HMO health plans. With prior referral, we are able to mail diabetic supplies to your home. Please call the Health Education Department at (805) 540-6207 for more information. This service requires an annual referral from your provider.

*Does not include Aetna Senior, Aetna Commercial, or Blue Shield Commercial.

Lifestyle Classes and Services

Advance Health Care Directive
Call the Health Education Department today if you would like to learn more about the document and why it is important to have one.

Diabetes is a self-managed disease. In this 2-part class, you will learn how to manage your diabetes by making healthy food choices, being active, monitoring your glucose, and taking your medication.

Heart Healthy
This class utilizes concepts from the American Heart Association to help you learn how to reduce your risk for heart attack and stroke through eating smart and moving more for weight loss, cholesterol control, blood pressure and blood sugar management, and smoking cessation. This class is taught by a registered dietitian.

Life Balance
Learn how to effectively manage your stress for emotional and mental wellbeing. You will learn coping techniques that can be used in everyday life to create healthy habits around stressful situations.

Nutritional Counseling
Meet one-on-one with a registered dietitian. Our dietitians are here to help you live a healthy lifestyle by assessing your needs and creating a plan that works for you. Our dietitians will consider your likes/dislikes, schedule, dietary needs, and culture when working with you.

Slip and Fall Prevention
Learn the risk factors and hazards associated with falls, how to prevent falls, and what to do if you suffer from a fall.

Smoking Cessation
Learn how to make a personalized quit plan to help you avoid and manage your triggers to stay smoke free.

Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle “Steps”
This class will provide you with the knowledge to make long-lasting and health-promoting changes to your eating and physical activity habits. Topics covered will include food and nutrition to help you maintain your healthiest weight, reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic disease; strategies to incorporate regular physical activity; mindful eating techniques and habit change. This class is taught by a Registered Dietitian.

Other Services (Authorization Required)

Pre-Bariatric Surgery Program “Pre-Bari”
A six-month program designed to ensure patients are prepared for bariatric surgery by supplying them with the essential tools for weight loss and maintenance, requirements for bariatric surgery, and guidelines for post-bariatric surgery lifestyle. Completion of this program is required for bariatric surgery.

Here are some helpful Health Education resources: