Quality Improvement Programs

Quality Improvement Program: The Philosophy of Bakersfield Family Medical Center/Heritage Physician Network and Coastal Communities Physician Network, Quality Improvement Department is to monitor continuous quality improvement programs and appropriate utilization of resources to its members & The Quality Improvement Program is designed to achieve congruence with the following goals:

  • Quality Health Services
  • Efficient and Effective Health Care Services
  • Resource Management
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Provider Orientation and Update Regarding Quality Improvements

Coastal Communities Physician Network/Heritage Physician Network has a Quality Improvement Program that is responsible for the development and reporting of quality initiatives. These are improvement guidelines for the care of CCPN/HPN Commercial and Medicare members. The Quality Improvement Program is used throughout CCPN/HPN and each department is responsible for meeting set performance standards, reviewing processes and procedures, to ensure we provide excellent service to our members and providers.

Coastal Communities Physician Network/Heritage Physician Network composes an annual Quality Improvement Program and Work Plan. The Quality Improvement Program specifies the programs goals, objectives, scope, and organization structure as well as performance standards. If you would like more information regarding the CCPN/HPN Quality Improvement Program, please contact the Customer Service Department at our toll-free number (800) 763-7732.

2024 CCPN Quality Improvement Program